Katie and James - by Carla Corrado Designs
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Katie and James

Katie and James


I first met Katie and her Mother-In-Law (to be) at a Truly Scrumptious Wedding Show. Poor Katie was really torn, she absolutely loved the elegant pearlised designs, but really wanted to go for a travel theme. All the designs she had seen were very much either one or the other; travel with an elegant design didn’t seem to work together.

We tried a few different designs… we weren’t sure. We felt it was something that had to be carefully thought and discussed over, preferably in Costa with a hot chocolate and some cake!

After our discussion (and cake) we had a few printed samples to test the water. From there, we built on what became her final design. It really worked and we managed to incorporate both travel and elegance in a way that suited Katie and James.

A gorgeous pearlised white laser cut, with a silver glitter backing card inside. We tied together with a yellow ribbon (to suit the colour scheme) and added a cute little luggage tag. Travel hints were placed throughout the design which really complimented the elegant look! Additional Information and RSVP inserts were added, alongside a pre-printed RSVP envelope.

We finished the whole package with a personalised wax seal stamp on the main envelope with the couples initials. Katie and James were both really happy with their final look and we’re now looking to work on the Day Stationery. Stay tuned…


30th April 2018


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