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Kate and Julian

Kate and Julian

Wildflower Rustic Print

We met with Kate and Julian a few times over the course of their Wedding Stationery planning. We’re happy to do this because we know how important it is to get the stationery right, it’s such an integral part to your Wedding Planning and Day!

Again, with Kate and Julian they knew what they were looking for, but just weren’t quite sure how to reach that final point. We attempted a few designs, initially in Cornflower Blue, but when that design wasn’t quite feeling right we decided to try a different avenue.

Don’t forget, just because we don’t complete a design in the first attempt it doesn’t mean it isn’t working… the first wedding venue you visit might not be perfect… but you know you will find the right one soon enough!

It seems flowers are an important aspect for 2016 weddings, as that was the next most important thing to this couple. The Wildflower through the day was quite a big aspect, so we decided to bring that through into the design of the invitations… and pink was the colour. This is how we settled on the Wildflower Rustic Print design.

After a few various different flower options, we finally began to crack the Wedding Stationery Code, and the couple couldn’t have been happier! We then tied them all together with a very modern, simplistic belly band with an accent mounted card to bring through that colour.


14th February 2016


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